North Trails 
Where: Federal-Mogul Corporation parking lot.
26555 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield. 
Corner of Lahser Rd. & Northwestern Hwy. (Lodge).
Date: Saturday, September 28th, 2002
Cost: $5.00
Time: Noon-3:00pm 
Flag Ceremony and Kickoff starts at noon.
(Soccer kids can show up between noon-1:00pm and not miss anything)
Information: Tim Cahoon, Bike Rodeo Chairman
248-354-9453 (Day)
248-356-8288 (Evenings) (email for information or to volunteer)

The Rules:

The Challenges:
Some of the challenges below have links to pages that describe some or all of the events for that challenge. Additions/Deletions/Changes may occur so use this as a guide only.  A finalized Leaders/Parents guide to all the events being run will be handed out the day of the Bike Rodeo Challenge.

Basic Skills Challenge:
In this arena the boys prove that they can control their bike under a variety of situations.  Can they stop straight and safe during an emergency stop? Can they navigate tight turns without falling? Can they ride around obstacles without hitting them and keep control?

Bike Safety First Challenge:
Here the boys face a series of real life role-playing scenarios.  Correct use of hand signals, keeping control of your bike while looking for cars, and learning the rules of the road are important here. Exiting a driveway, watching for cars and controlling your bike, Intersection safety, and proper use of hand signals are all tested here.

Bike Safety Poster Challenge:
A Pack or Den will get one parking spot in which to draw a Bike Safety Poster.  Much back slapping and cheering will be given to those who participate.  It is hoped that pictures will be taken and posted to a web site for all to enjoy after the event.  (Plus I wanted to make the parking lot pretty for the building manager to see on Monday). Packs & Dens are encouraged to bring the sidewalk chalk they need to assure they have a full selection of colors. Some chalk will be on hand.

Super Den Challenge:
Event for 2003.  There will be a series of events (such as the Newspaper Toss, a Bike Relay Race) in which your den can compete. The Cub Scout Motto & Promise, along with sportsmanship, fair play, courtesy are the keywords for participating. A true test of bike skills and teamwork. (Event undergoing final development so some changes may occur)

Bike Garage:
Here is where safety Checks are performed, boys learn to fix a flat tire, adjust their seat and chain.  This is a great station for Webelos to start on their Handyman Activity Pin and Bear Scouts to earn some achievements.

Volunteer Page
This page lists all the timeslots by activities I need to fill to run the Bike Rodeo.  Please look and and if you can help out send me an email letting me know how you would like to help.  This page will be updated as regularly to possible with the names of the volunteers.

Breaking News
Check here for the lastest news and updates on the Bike Rodeo

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