Cub Scout Bike Rodeo FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Our pack is just having its first meeting in late September, can we register at the Bike Rodeo?
A. Yes you can, however if possible try to give the chairman a call so he can get a head count.  Also try to pay by check at the rodeo. Make all checks out to Detroit Area Council.

Q. Do we need to supply leaders or can we just drop off the boys?
A. You must supply proper leadership (2 deep minimum) for your boys.  Part of the rodeo is self directed by the den leader, so Pack Supplied leadership is needed..

Q. Many of our boys are in Soccer so they canít make the noon start time.  We can be there by 1:00pm.  Can we still come?
A.  Yes you can!  Due to the nature of the bike rodeo, you can come a little later and still participate in all the events.  Arriving later than 2:00pm will not allow you to participate in all events.  Don't forget to bring their uniform along so they can change into it.

Q.  If we just show up to the rodeo, will the boys receive credit toward advancement?
A.  Many events at the rodeo will give your scout credit toward advancement, but they have to actually do them, not just show up at the rodeo.  Requirements for Bear badge and Webelos Handyman Activity Pins can be earned here!

Q. I would like to help.  Do you need volunteers?
A.  YES, please call Tim Cahoon at 248-354-9453(work) or 248-356-8288(home). Adults and Boy Scouts can help with setup, running events, and cleanup.

Q. My spouse is coming to the rodeo and wants to bring their bike, but they donít like to wear their helmet. Is that ok?
A.  NO!  At our Bike Rodeo, anyone with a leg over a bike MUST wear a helmet.  Adult leaders are welcome to bring their bike but they also must wear their helmets.

Q. Some of our younger Scouts still have that extra set of wheels on their bike. Can they still participate?
A. Yes!! Any Scout, regardless of the number of wheels on his bike can participate.  They must still wear helmets and wear their uniforms!

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