Cahoon Neighborhood Haunt


In today's world of high technology and science there is a secret world unseen by most. It is the world of magic. Within this world Wizards and Warlock's, Potions and Spells, Monsters and Magic exist in tangible forms. The inhabitants of this world keep their existence secret to protect their way of life from the superstitious persecution that has haunted them since time began. A mysterious council oversees each world makes sure that nobody intrudes into each other's world without permission. A horrid punishment awaits anyone who breaks those rules.


It was like a the beginning of a Edgar Rice Burroughs book.  A tale told to the author by some stranger who hardly believes it himself.  Yet the opening of a trans-dimensional portal over my driveway was something even Burroughs couldn't have imagined!

It began in 1992.  It was a normal Halloween, kids coming up to the door begging for candy.  Suddenly a boy wearing a sheet felt it pulled off as if a giant vacum cleaner had grabbed it.  The sheet traveled about 6 feet and then disappeared in mid air. Most felt it was some trick played on the young boy by high schoolers looking to scare someone, including myself until the next morning.  Waking up I went out to get the paper and discovered a thin length wood, shaped like a musical conductors baton and a part of a flyer from an institution called PIGMOLE's Boarding School for Magical Beings.  The strange stick and paper fragment were interesting enough to keep as souvenirs from an interesting Halloween. Little did I know that the next year was to prove even more interesting.

The next year as the Trick or Treaters approached my home, I heard gasps of, "WOW", "Cool", "How'd ya do that mister", from the kids as they came up to the door.  During a lull I went out to investigate and found a large swirling circle formed over my driveway.  Looking into this circle it was possible to see individuals dressed as magicians and witches, along with incredable fantasy creatures moving around as if being seen on television.  As I moved closer to get a better look, one of the creatures jumped through the circle, knocked me over and vanished into the darkness.  It was then I realized that this circle was not some Halloween prank but a portal into a mystical world.  As that concept sunk into my brain the portal disappeared with a loud pop.

I kept watch for it over the next year and finally on Halloween night it appeared once again for 3 hours before vanishing for another year.  The next Halloween I was ready for it and experimented by tossing objects that were tied to strings so they could be retrieved.  Trans-dimensional fishing some might call it, but I was determined to gain knowledge of this new world so that I could travel there myself. Some objects came back safely and others did not, but the knowledge gained allowed me to attempt an expedition on October 31st 1996.

My journey landed me in an educational facility for beings with magical powers.  The school taught them how to use their powers safely and to protect themselves in case of trouble.  Wisely I kept hidden in the shadows observing the goings on of the school.  At one point I stumbled onto another group from my dimension being confronted by the schools residents. What occurred still gives me the chills.  Getting caught in this dimension by its residents is NOT a good thing.

Today I'm making some money from travels.  As soon as the portal opens every Halloween there are always brave fools ready to explore PIGMOLE'S just like I did.  I let them, warn them of the dangers if they are caught, and then get my cash up front.  Many never return.

Encounter Areas (Proposed)


Then entrance is a glowing foggy magical portal where our visitors with their guide have to gather their courage and venture forth boldly into the unknown.

Twisty Passage

Traveling down a twisty passage from the entrance, the visitors will come across a picture with glowing eyes.  The first reminder that they "are not in Kansas anymore" (so to speak).

Common Room/Entrance

A small room featuring a painting on the wall over either a fireplace or bookshelf.  By giving the code word, a wall opens up and the visitors can go forward into a hallway going tothe Classroom.  The Painting will magically transform as the individual painted on it talks to our visitors.

Room A - The Spell & Potion Lab/Classroom

Here is where the young students learn how to make magic potions and practice their spells. Bubbling liquids of various colors are visible on the lab table. The room looks deserted when all of a sudden one the of the teaching staff "pops" up from behind the table forcing a quick exit.


Taking a breather in the safety of the hall, our visitors can look through window into an adjoining hallway. There they will see a another picture on the wall with it bleeding from the neck as if the individual in the painting was newly stabbed.

Room B - Headless Harry

Headless Harry roams the halls, carrying his head in his hands looking for his next victum or those playing hooky from class.

Room C - The Storeroom

Fleeing into a storeroom for safety our visitors find themselves surrounded by bags of bones and lizard lips, boxes of "eye of newt" and dried spider legs, and barrels of other assorted ingredients. A small figure may pop out of a box or barrel, to the surpise of the visitors.

Doors of Doom

As you pass this one wall which has been boarded up you see it  is shaking and a voice says "Let me out, Let me out". Suddenly the wall splits open and scary figure is seen. (Maybe even a witch shooting out as if to grap a victim). A hasty retreat is required. (idea sparked by "The Home Haunters Prop Building Handbook 2" by Steve Hickman)

The Exit

Visitors end up exiting from the same portal that is the entrance, helping to keep the illusion it being a magical portal alive.

(The dotted line across the picture marks the end of my garage. Anything below that is out in the driveway.)


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